Foodservice renovations at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, have been on a tear. The university has overhauled three residential dining halls and its central food facility over the past eight years, and it isn’t finished yet. Still on the slate is a renovation of its Jefferson Marketplace, with construction expected to start in May for completion in January 2017.

“Our focus has been on renovating and improving existing facilities, not on opening up new ones,” says Rich Neumann, Director of Culinary Services, “in order to provide exceptional service to the community in support of its academic mission and vision. The best way we can grow our business is to retain our customers and encourage students who move off campus to continue to use our many retail operations for meal service.”

The renovation of the campus’s central food facility between 2010 and 2014, including complete updating of its cook-chill production, vegetable prep, bakery and warehouse, enabled Neumann and his staff to shrink the size of the kitchens planned in two residential dining renovations—Nelson Court and West Green Market District—by more than 50%. The size reduction saved $1 million in equipment costs and reduced labor costs as well.

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