Restaurants are often considered a black box by energy engineers. Energy use is dependent on how the kitchen is run, and strategies to reduce energy without impacting operational flow are tough to control and largely unknown to engineers. On the other side of this conversation, restauranteurs are menu focused and concerned most with the bottom line, rarely prioritizing significant energy reduction measures.

An energy assessment of three restaurant tenants on Pearl Street in Boulder attempted to bridge this gap. Adam Knoff from Unico Properties LLC will discuss the need for initiating this study, including the challenges with reducing restaurant energy use in a mixed-use development. Vern Smith from Ricca E2 will share the results of the ASHRAE Level 2 energy assessment as well as restaurant specific no cost/low-cost solutions. Megan Jorgensen from Snooze, one of the three restaurant tenants audited, will discuss how they plan to manage energy moving forward without compromising operations. Elizabeth Vasatka from the City of Boulder will discuss how energy efficiency measures are being promoted throughout the city to help bring down restaurant energy use. Join this conversation at the Rocky Mountain Green Conference on Friday, April 22nd at 11:15am and learn more about the Sustainability in Practice: Pearl Street Restaurants Energy Use and Reduction.