With 38 years in facilities planning and operations management, Condenzio has worked on dozens of college and university foodservice projects around the country, always striving for cutting-edge designs and systems with an emphasis on culinary innovation and customer service.​​

Colleges and universities around the country lead the industry in non-commercial foodservice innovations. These institutions continue to build micro-restaurants, expanded retail outlets, even juice bars and destination dining on campuses to fulfill students’ desire for the type of restaurant- and chef-driven food they’ve come to expect outside of the school environment.

“All of our clients are trying to continue to raise the bar they set years ago in terms of getting the cafeteria out of dining service and bringing in more of a restaurant-style dining experience,” Condenzio says. But he’s not talking about switching into full-service with servers and the works.

“What we’re talking about is appealing to all the senses so that when the students walk in they can see, smell and hear all of the cooking and activity just like you would in a restaurant.”

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