The approach to practical, creative and flexible layout, as well as attention to energy-efficient equipment and recycled materials, earns this renovation of a 45-year-old dining hall recognition as FE&S' 2011 Facility Design Project of the Year.

Through a $3.8 million renovation of its Braiden Dining Center, Colorado State University (CSU) confirmed its commitment to sustainable foodservice practices. Merging function and form to keep customer satisfaction and staff efficiency high, our judges were impressed by the fact that this project includes all the elements of good, solid design: excellent production flow; good use of existing equipment and the prudent introduction of new items; and sensible, cost-effective solutions to operational issues and sustainable practices.

"In addition to replacing obsolete equipment and renovating the facility with a unique industrial theme that would expose the sustainable materials used in the construction of this 45-year-old facility, we had to address a fundamental student need—more seating," says Deon Lategan, CSU's director of residential dining services. Once he secured permission for the renovation, Lategan and dining services staff worked with Ricca Newmark Design and Architecture Plus to draft an original concept design.

"The project's goal was to merge form and function by creating a customer-friendly atmosphere where globally-minded students can enjoy chef-created world cuisine in a vibrant, whimsical and environmentally responsible space," Lategan says.

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