Emphasizing hard work, integrity, collaboration and relationships has helped Tom Ricca create a legacy that’s second to none and has earned him recognition as FE&S’ 2014 Hall of Fame Award recipient.

Walk into many of the most progressively designed foodservice facilities in the nation, and chances are, Tom Ricca had a hand in their design — directly or indirectly. One of the most prolific consulting and design professionals in the industry, FE&S' 2014 Hall of Fame Award recipient spent the past four decades building a legacy defined by talent, innovation, mentorship, collaboration and unwavering dedication to both customer satisfaction and associate success. He'd insist that along the way he's had more than a few lucky breaks, but Ricca has leveraged any luck that has come his way with old-fashioned hard work and by consistently valuing relationships and professional integrity over personal gain. ​​

oday, the Denver-based company he cofounded, Ricca Newmark Design (RND), stands as one of the most respected foodservice design firms in the nation. The company's portfolio touts more than 4,000 projects around the globe, touching all 7 continents and all industry segments — many commissioned by the most prestigious and innovative operators within their segments. Under his leadership, RND has designed award-winning facilities for the Ritz-Carlton and Hyatt Hotels internationally; Disneyland and Walt Disney World; top private and public universities, including Harvard, Vanderbilt and the University of California, Berkeley; medical centers; public school districts; leading Colorado ski resorts; trendsetting independent restaurants; and premier sporting venues, including the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. In addition to its Denver headquarters, RND now operates principal- and partner-led studios/offices in New York, Washington, D.C., Boston, Outer Banks, N.C., Grand Rapids, Mich., San Diego, Seattle and Shanghai.

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